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Cyclone Ultra-Flex Model 3000 Cold Fogger

Specifications: Cyclone Ultra-Flex Model 3000 / 3004
Type: ULV
Input Power
Model 3000-1: 110/120 volt AC, 8.5 amps, 50/60 hz
Model 3004-1: 210/250 volt AC, 4.2 amps, 50/60 hz
Adjustable Flow Rates: 0-5 gal/hr (0-19 l/hr)
Particle size: 5-30 microns
Tank Capacity: 1 gallon (3.8 liters)
Machine Dimensions
Length x Width x Height (in): 54 x 8 x 14.5
Length x Width x Height (cm): 137 x 20.2 x 36.5
Weight (Empty): 10.5 lbs (4.8 kg)
Shipping Data
Length x Width x Height (in): 27 x 12 x 17
Length x Width x Height (cm): 68 x 30 x 43
Weight: 16 lbs (7.26 kg)
Volume: 3.2 cu ft (0.09 cu m)

The Cyclone Ultra-Flex features an 18-inch (46 cm) flexible hose with handle on nozzle, allowing for spraying into hard to reach and normally inaccessible areas including above ceilings, under carpets and under and between kitchen cabinets.

The Cyclone Ultra-Flex hose unit is perfect for ductwork and general pest control work that requires duct sealant or disinfectant applications.

Upon special request, the Cyclone Ultra-Flex may be ordered with manual valve.

For purposes of maintaining the highest quality product, manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications at any time without prior notice.