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ATV-1 Cold Fogger

Specifications: ATV-1 Cold Fogger
Formulation Output: Adjustable restricting orifice for flow rates up to 6 oz. per minute
Droplet Size: 95% of droplets below 20 microns VMD at flow rates up to 6 oz./min; 178 ml/min. Higher flow rates produce larger droplets
Engine: Honda 4-stroke, high performance engine; emissions compliant, low fuel consumption, extra quiet. Operating speed 7500 rpm
Blower: High speed rotary type, 3-stage, belt driven, 95cfm; 2.68 cubic meters/min, unrestricted, pressure 3 psi; 0.2 bar maximum; tangential discharge, ground steel shaft, 2 high quality ball bearings
Nozzles: Dual high output nozzles
Weight (empty): 33lbs
Fuel Tank: 17 fl. Oz., 500 ml (55 minutes run time)
Formulation Tank: 5 US gallons
Dimensions: 24”W x 17”D x 24”H

The dual nozzle compact cold fogger is designed for mounting on an ATV, golf cart, maintenance vehicle or small trailer. It features a 4 cycle low maintenance Honda Engine Blower. Great for use in insect control including mosquitoes. The two nozzle system can be adjusted for a variety of flow rates and particle sizes. Each nozzle provides a broad coverage of up to 16 feet.


  • Honda 4 stroke motor. Low maintenance, high performance engine.
  • Heavy duty isolators reduce engine vibration
  • High speed rotatory type, 3 stage steel shaft blower 95 CFM. Positive displacement for maximum output and complete atomization.

For purposes of maintaining the highest quality product, manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications at any time without prior notice.