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Typhoon II 2985 Cold ULV Fogger

Specifications: Typhoon II Model 2985
Engine: 11 hp Honda air cooled, twin cylinder gasoline engine with charging system, electric start with rope start capability & a spark arrester fitted to the exhaust, digital tachometer/hour meter
Blower: Positive displacement, direct drive rotary blower with corrosion resistant silencer air intake filter
Air Output: 200 cfm (5.6 cu m/min),
Droplet Size: 90% or more of droplets under 20 microns
Pump Options
Diaphragm: 0-128 oz/min (3.8 l/min)
FMI: 0-18 oz/min (532 ml/min)
Nozzle: Two Multimist, adjustable 360 degrees horizontally & vertically
Formulation Tank Capacity: 15 gallon (57 l), HDPE, corrosion & UV resistant, lockable cap
Flush Tank Capacity: 1 gallon (3.8 l), HDPE, corrosion & UV resistant
Gasoline Tank Capacity: 1.72 gallons (6.8 l) To give 3.5 hours of run time
Machine Weight
Empty: 297 lbs (135 kg)
Machine Dimensions
Length x Width x Height (in): 41.5 x 29 x 32
Length x Width x Height (cm): 105 x 74 x 81
Shipping Dimensions
Length x Width x Height (in): 48 x 40 x 39
Length x Width x Height (cm): 122 x 102 x 99
Volume: 42.8 cu ft (1.2 cu m)
Weight: 415 lbs (188.6 kg)

The Typhoon II™ is a medium-powered ULV cold applicator driven by a Honda engine. With a choice of pumping systems, the Typhoon II™ offers a wider range of applications with exceptional control of the droplet sizes produced.

The Typhoon II™ is constructed of only the highest quality materials with strict quality control at every stage of assembly. Coated with a chemically resistant epoxy paint, the Typhoon II™ will give the operator reliable usage with a minimum of maintenance.

When used at the recommended chemical flow rates and pressures, the two Dyna-Fog Multimist™ nozzles will produce 90% of the droplets below 20 microns. This meets all requirements of current chemical manufacturers’ labels. The higher flow rates that can be achieved from the optional diaphragm pump will produce the larger droplets necessary for barrier spraying and larvaciding.

Over 50 years of experience has gone into the design, development and manufacture of the Typhoon II™ - another addition to the Dyna-Fog® family of well-established ULV applicators.

The Typhoon II™ is backed by Dyna-Fog's® 2-year warranty and a worldwide network of factory-trained technicians and experienced distributors.

Standard Features

  • 11 hp Honda air-cooled single cylinder engine, electric start with rope start capability, charging system, and spark arrestor fitted to the exhaust. Digital tachometer/hour meter.
  • Electric stainless steel solenoid valves.
  • Direct drive, positive displacement blower with corrosion-resistant air filter/silencer.
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge to monitor nozzle air pressure.
  • Heavy-duty 12 volt DC battery.
  • No chemical formulations flowing through the vehicle cab.
  • Remotely controlled flushing system.
  • Small frame size to permit mounting in virtually any truck.
  • Shock-absorbing vibration pads that cut vibration to a minimum.
  • Two nozzles produce a precise droplet size for optimum results.
  • Choice of FMI pump ( standard) or Diaphragm Pump for accurate chemical flow rates.
  • Welded tubular steel frame.
  • Directionally adjustable nozzle head.
  • Remote Control:
    • Machine on/off
    • Engine start
    • Spray on/off
    • Flush on/off
  • 2-year warranty

Optional Extras:

  • Manual choke
  • Automatic engine idle back (gear pump only)
  • Radar flow control
  • Waterproof machine cover
  • Spray hour meter

Certified to comply with Specification WHO/VBC 89.972 of the World Health Organization, and exceeds USA Military Specification MIL-A-52940-C

For purposes of maintaining the highest quality product, manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications at any time without prior notice.

Industrial Chemical Cleaner

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Typhoon II Model 2985

Typhoon II Model 2985

With a choice of pumping systems, the Typhoon II™ offers a wider range of applications with exceptional control of the droplet sizes produced.

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