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Silver Cloud 2650 Thermal Fogger

Specifications: Silver Cloud Model 2650 Series 2
Type: Oil Based, Thermal aerosol fog, resonant pulse principle
Formulation Output: Up to 40 gallons/hr (151.4 l/hr) Makes over 250,000 cubic ft (6,500 cubic m) of effective fog per minute
Fog Particle Size: 0.5 - 50 microns
Formulation Tank Capacity: Attachments are provided for connecting to a suitable drum such as a standard 55-gallon (200 l) drum
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6 gallons (9.5 l) Corrosion-resistant aluminum.
Engine Performance: 88 hp/hr, 66 kw/hr, 56,000 kcal/hr
Fuel Consumption: 1.2 gallons/ hr (4.56 l/hour)
Weight (Empty): 106 lbs (48.2 kg)
Weight (Full): 144 lbs (65.5 kg)
Power Supply: Direct Wired to truck battery, 12 volt DC
Machine Dimensions
Length x Width x Height (in): 68 x 24 x 22
Length x Width x Height (cm): 170 x 60 x 55
Shipping Data
Length x Width x Height (in): 73 x 27 x 23
Length x Width x Height (cm): 185 x 69 x 58
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Volume: 26.23 cu ft (0.743 cu m)

Our latest updated model of the Dyna-Fog Silver Cloud features twin resonant pulse-jet engines that deliver a high volume of dense fog for the control of a wide variety of flying insects including houseflies, black flies, gnats, mosquitoes and sand flies, to name a few.

The latest designs are utilized in the development and construction of the fuel and air systems to ensure consistent, reliable starting and running. An additional new feature is the ability to start the Silver Cloud directly at the engines.

Another key feature is the remote control box, which allows the user/operator to control both the fog output and the running of the engines from the cab.

The Silver Cloud™ is constructed using only the highest quality materials, combined with very stringent quality control standards at every assembly stage. Covered in layers of chemical-resistant epoxy paint, the Silver Cloud™ provides extremely reliable usage with a minimum of maintenance.

Over 50 years of design, manufacturing and application experience has gone into the development and production of this addition to the Dyna-Fog family of well-established ULV applicators and foggers.

Every Silver Cloud is backed by Dyna-Fog's® 1-year warranty and a worldwide network of factory trained, experienced distributors.

Standard Features:

  • Engine cut-off button right at operator's hand.
  • Twin pulsejet engines for extended, prolonged life. 
  • All formulation controls at operator's hand.
  • In the event of engine failure, automatic cut-off of the formulation pump.
  • Fuel and formulation tanks are not pressurized.
  • Can be connected/coupled to any standard chemical drum.
  • No chemical formulations flowing in the truck cab. 
  • Filters in formulation and fuel lines. 
  • Can be firmly secured to any truck bed.
  • Small frame size well suited for compact truck sizes. 
  • Chemical resistant epoxy paint.
  • Powered from the truck’s 12 volt DC battery.
  • Remote control box.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline.
  • Formulation Pump: Belt driven, rotary gear pump.
  • Remote Control features:
    • Engine cut off.
    • Formulation on/off. 
    • Individual engine indicator light. 
    • Fogging indicator light. 
    • Fuel gauge. 
    • Formulation output control. 
  • Engine Control: Individual engine prime and start/off.
For purposes of maintaining the highest quality product, manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications at any time without prior notice.