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Dyna-Fog Trailblazer Thermal Fogger Model 2600

Specifications: Trailblazer Model 2600
Type: Thermal aerosol-fog, resonant pulse principle
Formulation Output: 0-5 gal/hr (0-19 liters/hr) Produces 31,700 cubic feet (900 cubic meters) of effective output per minute
Fog Particle Size: 0.5 - 50 microns
Formulation Tank Capacity: 1 gallon (3.8 liters)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.85 qts (0.8 liters)
Engine Performance: 24 hp (18 kw) (15,100 kcal/hr)
Fuel Consumption: 0.3 gph (1.1 liters/hr)
Weight (Empty): 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Weight (Full): 37 lbs (16.8 kg)
Power Supply: Eight 1.5 volt “D” size alkaline batteries, automobile cigarette lighter adapter, or another 12 volt DC auxiliary power source
Machine Dimensions
Length x Width x Height (in): 29 x 10 x 18.25
Length x Width x Height (cm): 74 x 25.4 x 46.4
Shipping Data
Length x Width x Height (in): 32 x 14 x 21
Length x Width x Height (cm): 81 x 36 x 53
Weight: 41 lbs (18.6 kg)
Volume: 5.44 cu ft (0.154 cu m)

Engineered with the user in mind, the Dyna-Fog Trailblazer Thermal Fogger is designed to deliver both water-based and petroleum products more efficiently and much easier than applicators available from other companies.

For simple operation, ease of use, and starting, one of the Trailblazer’s key features is the patented Dyna-Fog's 12-volt electric starting system, which assures fuel efficiency, effectiveness, ease of operation and reliability. An added bonus is that no pressurized gasoline tank is necessary!

Due to its distinctive design, the Trailblazer produces a non-residual, high output thermal fog with practically no carbon monoxide, which makes it perfect for applications such as: germicides, insecticides, dispensing fungicides, odor counter-actants and disinfectants for use in factories, greenhouses, food processing plants, warehouses, campgrounds, grain mills, parks, restaurants, cattle barns, hotel complexes, poultry and swine houses, and many other commercial and industrial applications. Another important use of this thermal fogger is by government and private Health Agencies worldwide for controlling mosquitoes and other flying/biting insects that carry and transmit diseases like malaria, encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, and Chagas.

The Trailblazer's formulation and fuel tanks are made from tough chemically resistant polyethylene, which assures years of reliable, trouble-free operation, and the pulse jet engine is constructed of stainless steel.

Another added benefit is that all serviceable parts, including the carburetor, hoses, valves, fuel tank and formulation tank are easily accessible for purposes of maintenance and service.

The Trailblazer gives the user a choice of 3 different power sources/options to start their machine:

  •  Any 12 volt DC vehicle battery (connected to cigarette lighter receptacle with auxiliary start battery cable supplied with machine), or
  • Eight “D” size alkaline batteries (mounted in machine) or 
  • Optional extra: A portable/rechargeable high-energy 12 volt DC battery and charger.
One year limited warranty.

For purposes of maintaining the highest quality product, manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications at any time without prior notice.